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Smart Contract Factory - automatic contract creation tool both with manual code writing and code review services.

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Who is the Smart Contract Factory for?

Blockchain entrepreneurs to issue their own tokens
Financial organizations to bind their operations to blockchain
Cryptocurrency traders for short or long trading
Existing businesses to utilize the advantages of smart contracts
Private persons to secure financial obligations between themselves
Cryptocurrency holders to make a profit on any new growing project

An automatic
contract generator

Smart Contract Creator allows you to create contracts without special knowledge or a coding background.
Just choose one of the pre-made templates, specify the parameters, click the ‘Generate’ button and your own smart contract is ready!
Note: Tool is under development.

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Writing of custom
smart contracts

We are group of blockchain specialists with considerable expertise in Ethereum smart contract development. Let us develop secure custom smart contract solutions, tailored perfectly to your business requirements.
Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to initiate the process.

Audit of existing
smart contracts

An audit is necessary in case you need to check that your contract meets the requirements of the standards, to test how it operates, to search for possible vulnerabilities and bugs.
Also, code optimization and gas usage minimization proposals are provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sources of funding of this project?

The initial source of funding is our own savings. However, we expect to cover development costs via of the sale of a number of SCF tokens on the exchange. 20% of the payments received for our services will be used to buy tokens back from the market.

How can I invest in the Smart Contract Factory project?

You may invest in this project via ordering of Smart Contract Factory SCF tokens. We decided not to run an ICO, because in most of cases the price drops after an ICO. We have placed SCF tokens directly on the exchange. This way you may order SCF tokens at the actual market price. Just look in the token section for the list of available crypto currency exchanges.

What are the rates for your services?

The fee for custom contract writing and code auditing greatly depends on the amount of work necessary.  Therefore, we can only  confirm the cost after careful investigating of your requirements. The rates for automatic contract generation will be different depending on the contract. Some of them are planned to be offered for free.

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Feel free to use this contact form to send us any additional questions you may have.

Also send us queries regarding custom smart contract development and existing contract code audits via this form too. To help us better understand and meet your needs, please provide as much information as possible. |

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