Announcement of the ECOT token swap

The SmartContractFactory team is pleased to announce the ECOT token swap.

As you know, the old team no longer supports the ECOT project. CoinExchange will soon delist this token.

Through our interest in the ECOT community, we have taken over the ECOT project. In so doing, this will enable us to retain a certain amount of the value for old original holdings in ECOT tokens. One of the possible ways to do this is a token swap. Therefore, we decided to provide our own SCF tokens for the swap procedure. Read more info about SCF tokens here.

Swap date

The swap is scheduled for April 2019. We will let you know the exact date after negotiations with CoinExchange.

Swap method

All ECOT tokens held on CoinExchange are swapped automatically. Tokens on your own ERC-20 wallets are out of scope of the swap procedure. They will become useless after swap procedure is completed. Please, do not transfer your ECOT coins to your personal wallets before swap.

Exchange rate

Taking into account that current price of an ECOT token is less than 1 GWEI, we will use a swap ratio 100:1. This is necessary to maintain the higher price of new coins, and this way, ECOT will not be delisted from CoinExchange.

Therefore, 1 SCF token = 100 ECOT tokens.

Important notice

Please pay close attention to fake applications, false information, phishing websites, phishing emails, and fake customer service, etc. The SmartContractFactory team will NEVER ask for private keys or passwords from users. Please protect yourself from scam attempts. If you ever receive a suspicious looking email, check the address of the sender, and check any links included — these will usually allow you to establish these are fake/fraudulent emails.

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