SmartContractFactory at glance

SmartContractFactory is a new web service for the quick creation of trustworthy smart contracts.


The hyper-growth of cryptocurrencies unleashed the power of blockchain technologies and smart contracts. However, a huge gap still exists between real people and widespread usage of smart contracts.

We are team of professionals in the software engineering, cryptocurrency and marketing fields. Our mission is to help people to utilize possibilities of smart contracts and benefit from using blockchains.

To realize our mission we have instigated the SmartContractFactory project. project

Generally, writing and reviewing a smart contract is a time-consuming process and requires deep knowledge of appropriate programming languages. That’s why the development cost of them is still too high. SmartContractFactory cleverly simplifies this process. It is a service for the automatic creation of smart contract code, depending on the user’s needs. SmartContractFactory reuses a collection of carefully predesigned templates. Thus way smart contract development has become available to even non-experienced programmers, and saves a lot of time and money.

Crypto tokens are going to be used inside this platform as one of the payment methods.

SCF token

Tokens are Ethereum-based. ERC20 protocol is used.

Total supply:

Circulating supply:

Locked supply:

Lockup finish date: 15 September 2019 10⁰⁰ AM GMT

Token Name is SCF (an abbreviation of SmartContractFactory).

Our plans

First of all we are going to design the platform interface, then develop a Beta version, run excessive testing and develop the main version after all ‘bugs’ have been dealt with.

Meanwhile we are going to write a whitepaper about the tokens.

Also, one of the priority challenges is the reaching of new investors. Three exchange listings during the next six month are scheduled.

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